Transcript of the testimony of Shavya Subba.

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Shavya Subba cropped
Shavya Subba, Furness High School

I am really thankful for Mr.Krishna, our school’s bilingual Nepali counselor because he has been really big help to us. We’re really thankful to have him in our school. He is so important to us, helping us whenever we need it. He is always there for personal or school matters. We need Mr. Krishna and our bilingual counselors to be at our school more, not less. We have so many ESL students who need people like him.

It’s hard to learn a new language, as we all know and English is one of them. When I came to America, I didn’t know how to speak English and I felt miserable because I didn’t have any friends to talk but Mr.krishna was there for me.

I am really not smart but, he said, “we don’t need to be smart to succeed, we just need to keep on working until we get what we need.” He was the one who used to say that he will be always here for us. He has also done lot of community services. You might thinking, how do I know that? I know that because we are from same community. I see him working with my Nepali neighbors and helping us all. My friend had a broken leg and our bilingual counselor even drove him to school when he could not walk. They also see our parents in the community and have meetings with them at school

I didn’t know how to speak English and I started not liking school because of that. He helped me a lot through those times. Now I see new students coming to school from Nepal, and I tell them where to find Mr. Krishna because I know they will need him.

When my teacher used to asked question to class I always wished not to get picked. Not because I didn’t know the answer, but because my English was not good and sometimes I feel uncomfortable using English. When Mr. Krishna talks to me in Nepali, I feel comfortable, like I belong at Furness and I like school. I need this connection to my culture. I feel like someone is there for me, someone who I can talk with in my language. He will even tell our teachers when it is a special day for us, like Holi, and we can share our special day with everyone. We need more people like Mr. Krishna at Furness. People who can help the students with anything they need in English and most importantly, in their own language.

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