Transcript of the testimony of Barbara Dowdall

Barbara Dowdall SRC 1-18-18
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Remarks to the School Reform Commission and Superintendent Hite

  1. Boston and Philadelphia School Superintendents’ Wager

There is little doubt that our top school administrator chose the right team (Eagles) for his Super Bowl wager with the Boston schools superintendent. This was a Lobster Roll guarantee!

Our School District of Philadelphia Underdog to Top Dog success would not have fared so well had the wager focused on our public school libraries. Here, we have embraced Underdog status with the relentless dismissal of Certified Teacher Librarians and shuttering of school libraries. Boston, by contrast, has a functioning, professionally-staffed library/media center in every school. (K-8 Library Staff) (9-12 Library Staff)

Among their goals:
• Enhance equitable access to digital, multimedia, and print resources to foster the infusion of 21st century learning skills into the learning environment.
• Provide professional development for school library team members to support their work as effective teachers and digital/information literacy leaders at their schools.

2. Team Leadership
By Dave Zangaro | NBC Sports Philadelphia January 03, 2018 8:45 AM

“There’s a pretty big reason why the Eagles like playing for Doug Pederson. He listens. So when the Eagles’ player council came to him with [a] suggestion…Pederson oblige[s]. It’s just the latest example of Pederson’s willingness to listen and trust his players.” Substitute parents, students and teachers (not consultants, random education entities or corporate test makers) for players and we could have a winning school district.

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