The transcript of Tonya Bah’s testimony.

Tonya Bah
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Two  16 year old twins stare back with eyes of hope, trust and faith. My responsibility as a Parent is to protect them from the Privatization and disinvestment this city is plagued with.

My subject is on Parent responsibility.

Black lives Matter –
Is NOT a cliche!
Education, a good education provides the arrow towards a good future or points in the direction of incarceration in our city, our schools.

My twins are Not aware of the fact that

-Zero tolerance Policies existing schools that receive our tax dollars!

-they are not aware, they are blind to the insufficient amount of Black Educators in Philadelphia, a district that is largely populated with Students of color.

My twins have heard us discuss
– Standardized testing, the hour and a half of instruction they are denied during testing.

They’ve heard us discuss the fate of our community as

6 more schools are targeted, schools in communities of color.

6 schools that have been disinvited in, traumatized and short changed.

It is a PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY to speak UP, to demand a voice and a say for the TAX PAID, PUBLIC SCHOOLS we have left.

In the coming weeks of action around Black Lives Matter, Philly will be joining a NATIONAL MOVEMENT.

This year 2018 presents a pivotal movement for Philadelphia, its communities, schools, educators and students.

One that must value BLACK LIVES!
6 schools are targeted and labeled under “Focus schools” part of a system of great schools. ” I’m not sure I can agree with that statement.
I know I don’t appreciate how long they’ve been disinvested in.

Nine applications for New Charter.
More neighborhood schools will close for the next five years
Testimony from the district stated the fact THAT CHARTERS, are the single biggest item in the district budget

Has New Orleans taught us nothing?

Control over our schools will depend on what our next School Board will be willing to find for.

Instincts Matter!
Learn to follow yours,