The transcript of the testimony of Ilene Poses before the SRC on November 16th.



In the past 40 years there have been many “magic bullet” educational programs –

the Sullivan method, Success for All, then Fast Forward, Corrective Reading, Catapault songs,

and now Jounce –

“Skill and drill the teachers to skill and drill the kids.”*

No thinking, no questions, no creativity –

Reading a script does NOT teach children

And reciting a chant won’t – though cheap – help children to learn.

Personalized learning using computers isn’t any better –

Rand Corp. research states results are weak.


We are people NOT robots.

And there are no shortcuts to learning.

Children are children

But children in trauma, in poverty

Need more of what the students at St. Joseph’s prep and Friends’ schools get – Not personalized learning!

A stable faculty NOT turn around, twist around, move around

Art and music, a nurse, a counselor,

Certified librarians, smaller classrooms

And fully funded schools.

Look at what Kenderton has accomplished with more!

Businesses, corporations, non-profits are there to offer extras

Trips to the orchestra, the opera, ballet

Plays at the Arden theatre and books to take home

Schools should not be fundraising for the basics

Just the icing.

Sing to “Yes sir, that’s my baby”

S, R, C you later

No more state dictators

Take the elevator down.

We, the community decided

To be school board guided

So, it’s over for SRC.

Any day, Any day,

When we see the mayor

We’ll say

Thanks for your commitment

To fix unfair treatment

Give us elected governance now.

Lyrics – Coleman and Ilene Poses

*Amy Roat