Testimony of Tonya Bah to the BOE, January 17, 2019

Underfunding of Critical Services

Philadelphia’s school district needs 5 Billion dollars to repair and replace Philly School Buildings’ infrastructure. All Philadelphia Students deserve state of the art learning centers and fully equipped libraries.
Crumbling classrooms that are environmental hazards can’t possibly be linked to truancy, asthma and other Public Education challenges.
We know there’s a Racial Bias in Pennsylvania’s school funding.

But… “Philadelphia” has another big problem, CHARTERS!
Yet the board is asked to consider 3 new Applicants next month.
“The largest allotment in the Districts struggling budget goes to 87 Charter Schools!”

Our public school resources are diluted!

Using the fake results from horrible standardized test, Teachers are blamed for our Children’s suffering.
Do Teachers decide whether or not Philadelphia increases more Charter schools?
Do Parents decide if Philadelphia increases its number of Charter Schools.?
Who decides the staffing for the Charter School Office, because it’s extremely low? It’s about 12 Staff to monitor 87 schools. Whose idea was this? Will you consider this concern when deciding to stop the bleeding?

Thankfully this Board is new and it has a chance to actually consider what happens to the Students in NON-Charter Schools, as the budget they get is at present inadequate.
We need the Board to care about all of Philadelphia’s Public School Students and their communities.
Demonstrate your understanding by NOT being pushed to RUBBER STAMP any additional Charter Schools.You can have a positive affect on Philadelphia School Students by Voting NO to any New Charter Applications. My name is Tonya Bah I’m a Public School Graduate of Philadelphia Public Schools and Parent of Twins currently in Philly Public Schools.