Testimony of Karel Kliminik to the BOE, March 26, 2020

Since testimony is being summarized I am focusing on two issues.

During this crisis technology is being used universally to facilitate meetings. The Board needs to open their meetings to the public so that those wishing to testify can call in and read their testimony. Having someone summarize is simply not adequate. We are using technology today during this crisis to hold meetings. These meetings include allowing voices to be heard and not simply summarizing their remarks. If I wanted someone to summarize then I would send in a summary of my remarks. Otherwise my voice is being filtered.

My second point is that the Board should only consider Items that are essential. APPS has noted repeatedly that the descriptions convey scant information about the Item under consideration. Each Item needs an explanation of why it is being contemplated during this pandemic.

We realize that you are working at warp speed and under dire conditions to move forward. As government officials you should lead the way for public participation not simply providing a platform for your voices to be heard and ours summarized.