Testimony of Ilene Poses to the Board of Education, June 27, 2019

The rationale to purchase Belmont School according to WHYY is that the Belmont Network has the money to make repairs but cannot make these repairs because it does not own the building.

Why, however, can’t the SDP just make a deal with Belmont to not raise their rental fees for a few years, or allow a rent reduction, if the charter makes the repairs on the building?

How can the board declare that the property is “unused and unnecessary to the present and future needs of the district? This building is being used NOW.

Oliver’s Who Will Buy?
Who will gain from purchasing Belmont?
Michael Karp is sure to do well
Who will lose from selling this building?
The children who attend close by.

The charter never signed conditions
to make this school a better school
Until they saw the chance to purchase
and then expand their rule.

Who will lose? Community people
Another hit for public control.
Me oh my, let’s make this deal topple
So what are we to do to stop this deal go through,
The Board must make this sale taboo.