Karel Kilimnik’s testimony before the SRC August 17, 2017

Karel Kilimnik SRC testimony 8-17-17
Click the picture to view the SRC testimonies. Karel’s is at time stamp 14:53.

I want to remind everyone that the commissioners sitting up there are government officials in charge of a $2.9 billion budget for OUR schools. They are unaccountable to the citizens of Phila and this new district website shows it. Key documents such as SRC Minutes and Resolutions, as well as Charter School Evaluations have disappeared. Information on Dr Hite’s prized System of Great Schools is missing. The Communications Office is in charge of providing answers to questions about this new venture however, both the Director and Asst. Director were on vacation and unavailable to answer concerns. I suggest you learn from your colleagues in city government as they are going through a similar process of revising their website. However, they have posted both the old and new versions. They understand that they are accountable to us. They understand that they cannot withhold info from the public. They understand that the public should not have to file a RTK to obtain public records.

Cambridge Education returns for yet another contract despite providing no data and little useful information that Dr Hite used last year to determine the fate of 11 Priority Schools. In June four commissioners voted against giving them more money. Commissioner Jimenez was the lone Yes vote. Tonight’s original grant was for $100,000. Now it’s jumped to $150,000 at least on the Summary Page. Why are you paying them to do incompetent work ? I have given you our report on their shoddy work so you can remember why you voted it down. Vote no on A8.

C seems to be my letter of the day. Not only has vital information been scrubbed from the new website but community input continues to lack fidelity. Witness yesterdays’s meeting with Asst. super Eric Becoates at Strawberry Mansion high school. In 2014 the for-profit Camelot Schools tried to relocate into the closed Germantown High School building. They faced a barrage of questions from concerned community members including ongoing incidents of violent disciplinary methods and questionable use of public dollars. $140 million contracts were recently ladled out to private vendors including Camelot. At a meeting yesterday with Mr. Becoates he was asked specifically if Camelot was moving into Strawberry Mansion. He refused to answer this basic question despite evidence that Camelot has been moving furniture into the Strawberry Mansion building. Is Camelot co-locating with Strawberry Mansion High School? Withholding information has become the norm for forcing vendors into existing district schools. This policy is a page out of Dr Hite’s training at the uncertified Broad Superintendent’s Academy. Stay tuned for more.

Commissioners, you need to vote on dissolving yourselves at the next SRC meeting.