It Is Time for a Change

Testimony of Dana Carter, 1/28/21

Zoe Rooney filed a Right to Know with the school district last year requesting High School Admission data for the past three years. I analyzed that data which began in 2017. That is the same year that Pew Trust released a report which highlighted the racial injustices in the high school admission process. This most recent data not only shows no improvement, it also shows a major decline in 8th graders from Black and Latino schools applying to special admit schools. 

The PEW report came out 4 years ago. As of today, the School Board and District has taken no direct action to address this clear example of systemic racism.

The injustice in the high school selection process starts in elementary school.

We have to understand the implications of having people with biases and racist individuals in charge of policies that impact Black and brown lives. I do not believe that my testimony holds more weight than PEW Trust, or the students and alumni of Central and Masterman who asked you all in the summer to change the requirements.

Be that as it may, until there is a change in the structure of this School Board, until Philadelphia elects it’s school board which will happen in two years, parents, you will only get the same empty promises. The reason why we are presenting the same problems to the same people without getting any results is because we are presenting the same problems to the same people.

It is time for a change.