Ilene Poses’ testimony transcript from the SRC meeting of August 17, 2017.

Ilene Poses SRC 8-17-17
Click on the picture to see SRC testimonies. Ilene’s is at timestamp 26:05.

Perhaps the new website is an effort to destroy institutional memory but I still remember how quickly Wister Elementary was closed to become a Mastery Charter School. I remember how often sub-standard charters are given multiple chances to ‘improve’.

Sub-standard charters continue to take money away from public schools who could use the money saved to fund school libraries. Did you know there are only 5 in the SDP? The money could be used to expand the music program which made it possible for me to learn to play the cello which I still play today at weddings and in a community orchestra. Instead we have charters like…. (Sung to the tune of “Maria” in West Side Story)


It just closed it’s doors . It’s Khepera

But it wants to be for all eternity – a school?


Their bills are in constant arreara

Its student scores are low

Its teachers earn below

Their peera.


Will the SRC close Khepera?

Will they let it continue forevah?


Yes – just keep it going like Aspira, ??? (or Universal?)