Ilene Poses’ SRC testimony transcript from the July 6, 2017 SRC meeting.

fIlene Poses SRC 7-6-17

Click the picture to view the SRC meeting video and go to 56:50 to view Ilene’s testimony.

“These are a few of my favorite things” to complain about the SRC:

Reason 1

The SRC has a history of ignoring and disregarding the public which it is supposed to serve. At the June 15 meeting sixteen resolutions were added prior to the meeting and fourteen resolutions were “updated” without explanation of what was changed. This is just one example of how the SRC violates the PA Sunshine Act and the settlement they agreed to in Common Pleas Court with APPS in 2016. Over 100 resolutions at the June 15 were taken care of in block votes in less than 15 minutes in which over $383 million of public funds were spent. Sound similar to Mitch McConnell’s effort to quickly pass Trumpcare through Congress before the CBO report or public input??

Reason 2

The SRC finds it so easy to close public schools but charters that have failed and failed continue to operate. Dawn Lynn Kacer alerted the SRC to the academic, financial and organizational problems at Universal and Aspira Schools and yet two years later they continue to operate. Have you no shame that poor schools like these continue? Meanwhile, Wister Public School, which was not failing, was sold off to Mastery. You listened to Sylvia Simms but not the parents and staff who came week after week to the SRC to plead for their school.

Reason 3

Yes, Wordsworth Academy closed but why is the Hite administration rushing to place our most vulnerable students in the hands of another private company – Catapult Learning who has limited experience with this vulnerable population? Did the school district ever consider not outsourcing? Were other companies considered? What are the terms of this contract with Catapult? If another tragedy is to be averted Special Education Advocacy groups and most importantly, the parents, need to be part of the decision making, throughout the entire process.

Reason 4

The SRC does not even follow its own by-laws. SRC Policy 006.1 which states:

To attend a SRC meeting through electronic communications, a Commissioner shall comply with the following:

  1. Submit such request to the SRC Chairperson or designee at least three (3) days prior to the meeting.
  2. Ensure that the remote location is quiet and free from background noise and interruptions.
  3. Participate in the entire SRC meeting.

 So I sing this to Commissioner Green who ignored Policy 006.1 3 times this spring presumably because his mind was already made up.

 Alas, Bill Green you do us wrong (Sing to Greensleeves)

By leaving us discourteously.

For we are comin’ to plead with you,

To fu-nd our teachers and public schools.

 Green leaves is our concern

For when Green leaves he doesn’t return.

Green leaves without info,

But then he calls in to vote charter pro.

 Is it even legal for him to vote on resolutions when he’s missed all discussion??

 In conclusion – “I simply remember my favorite things but then I will still feel bad.”