Billionaire Eli Broad Rules at 440 North Broad Street

Testimony of Barbara McDowall Dowdall to the BOE, 12/10/20

In fond memory of our teacher and activist colleague Ken Derstine (beautifully memorialized in the Public School Notebook*), who early informed and warned all who care about our public schools in Philadelphia about the privatization game plan fueled by public school graduate billionaire Eli Broad (pronounced toad), I recommend simply web searching: eli broad superintendents, for the comprehensive group of articles revealing his private fortune-funded assault on American public schools.
There, not –oddly enough– from our current superintendent, a proud graduate of the Broad Academy, nor his immediate predecessor another Broad acolyte and implementor, you will learn of the grand plan, nationwide, not just for “lucky” Fluffia, to undermine by dint of strategic churn that includes Boston (yes, Boston!) Consulting Group re-ordering of school organization charts, a confusing and ever-changing array of expensive corporate curricula, district-wide shuttering of school libraries and dismissal of Certified Teacher Librarians, tax advantaged millionaire random fickle funding of the fortunate few, and massive shuttering of neighborhood schools –a second round of shuttering apparently already in the works, with Covid-19 providing cover.

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