Pathways to Safety

Remarks to Philadelphia Board of Education and
Superintendent Dr. Tony Watlington
Thursday, January 26, 2023
Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools (APPS)
Grand and God Parent of Students in Philadelphia public schools,
grades 3, 5 and 8.
Kindergartner starts in the fall

by Barbara McDowell Dowdall

We learn every day that no one is safe in our gun mad United States,
including Philadelphia — both inside and outside our schools. APPS
member families and their students have been no exception to these
It is understandable that the Board this evening is considering taking
action in a variety of areas: Active Shooter Training (sounds horrifying)
that will include “age appropriate books and activities for elementary
aged students related to active shooter and emergency response
preparation,” additional funds to the Philadelphia Police Department, and…

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The Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools is a grass-roots organization of parents, community members, and school staff—including teachers, school nurses, librarians, counselors and safety staff—dedicated to the preservation of public schools. APPS is an independent organization with no political or union affiliation. We are entirely self-funded and do not take financial donations from outside sources. All members donate their time and receive no salary.