Defenders of public education speak before the December 14, 2017 SRC

SRC 12-14-17

Click on the picture to view the video of supporters of public education speaking before the SRC meeting of December 14, 2017. Speakers and transcripts are in the order of appearance before the SRC.

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See Isaac Gardners testimony at 13:17 in the video above.

Click on a timestamp to select a desired speaker. (You must start the video for timestamp to work.)

Note: The SRC placed media on row 2 in the auditorium which allowed only filming speakers from the side and frequent visual interruption from the audience. We have protested these filming conditions to no avail.

These are the transcripts of some of the testimony to the SRC. See the video above for all testimony of defenders of public eduction.

Click the picture to view Coleman Poses’s testimony. Coleman is at timestamp 0:00.

Click here to read the transcript of Coleman’s testimony.

Click the picture to view Karel Kilimnik’s testimony. Karel is at timestamp 3:02.

Click here to read the transcript of Karel’s testimony.

Click the picture to see the video of Lynda Rubin’s testimony. Lynda is at timestamp 6:33

Click here to read the transcript of Lynda’s testimony.

Click the picture to view Lisa Haver’s testimony. She is at timestamp 9:48.

Click here to read the transcript of Lisa’s testimony.

Cheri Micheau's pic 3-23-17
Click Cheri Micheau’s picture to view her testimony. She is at timestamp 22:30.

Click here to read the transcript of Cheri’s testimony.




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