Vote No on Relay G.S.E.

Once again I am here to voice my annual objection to using Relay Graduate School of Education to train teachers. Once again I will list my reasons.

  • Relay is based on Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion which focuses on practice to the exclusion of theory. There is not credible research that supports it.
  • Relay is not accredited in Pennsylvania for a myriad of reasons, the most alarming being that “Relay failed to demonstrate a sufficient understanding of the requirements for approval to offer courses through an education enterprise that would lead to a MAT degree.” In other words, Relay failed fill out the application correctly because they couldn’t understand the directions, even after being given several chances.
  • The Philadelphia/Camden website specifically states that graduates in both Philadelphia and Camden will earn their masters degree in NJ.
  • The website does not include a list of the faculty nor a list and description of course offerings.
  • Relay doesn’t teach research techniques or require in-depth academic research. Relay trains teacher residents in behaviors, but it doesn’t educate them. I find it ironic that a school district whose duty is to educate students would accept teachers from a residency program that doesn’t educate it own students.

Relay has few leaders with a doctorate, engages in no research, has no library, and has no relationship to the advancement of knowledge in education. If Relay has been called the McDonalds of teacher education with a limited menu and low overhead. Relay does a disservice to the teacher residents in their program by providing them with an incomplete education. You do a disservice to Philadelphia school students by supporting Relay.
I understand that you want to diversify the teaching workforce, but working directly with nearby Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) is a better place to start than contracting with unaccredited programs such as Relay. I urge you to deny the contract with Relay.