Vote no on Action Item 70 – No to Collegiate Charter! 

by Ilene Poses, June 24, 2021

Vote no on Action Item 70 – No to Collegiate Charter!  The problems raised by the CSO were never addressed in the revised application. Community outreach needs to be more than hiring a P.R. firm or writing a letter to the Inquirer.  As Dr. Chao said there’s insufficient demand in their targeted area for a new charter.

Quiara Allegria Hudes, playwright and producer of “In the Heights”, Central grad and PYP winner stated in a 6/12/21 NY Times interview:  “Sometimes American mass culture focuses too much on individualism at the expense of community care and community experience.”  It is why neighborhood schools are so important and why the Board needs to end  Renaissance charters – a failed, expensive initiative – and turn them  back into district, neighborhood schools again.   Not only did the academics not rise at Renaissance Charters but the percentage  of neighborhood children at these schools keeps dropping.  

What the World Needs Now (Burt Bacharach)

What the schools need now is personnel

It’s the thing – that helps – our children –  to excel

What the schools need now are more playgrounds

No, not just for some but enough to go around.

Board, we don’t need more sub-par charters   

Renewals  make –  finances harder

We don’t need – more test scores  – analyzed

Not when  stress-  is on the rise.

What the schools –  need now- is small – class size

More support staff – can make – academics rise

What the kids – need now-  are safe, clean schools                                    

No not just for some, but for everyone.