Transcript of the testimony of Tonya Bah.

Tonya SRC 2-15-18
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My name is Tonya Bah

My topic is Curriculum

My topic is curriculum and I’d love to discuss it but I can’t get past the millions of dollars with ZERO Data to support approving expenses appearing in these resolutions.


What page explains and supports the Millions of tax dollars that will be used to pay for these resolutions?

Could it be on the same page as the Money to reduce class sizes?

On the same page as Data that identifies what happens when a city’s voting power is dismissed and exchanged with one Officials Power to APPOINT?

Perhaps it’s on the same page that breaks down the HORROR “FOR CAUSE” will create. For Cause will create Horror as it relates to the ability to dismissed APPOINTED Board of Education Members.

Yes, I’d like to discuss Curriculum…. after we review Data that explains the SRC’s vote on $76 million for Kelly Services, or my favorite the $9.5 million to PEARSON for Instructional management, they’re doing such a bang up job with our Standardized test!

Hey, I’d like to discuss Curriculum but if running Public Education further into the ground by allowing a Rogue Body, on its way out to vote on millions of dollars without DATA, Parent, Stakeholder, VOTER opinion, if continuing to URINATE all over the futures of innocent children and the residents that vote the Mayor and City Council President into office needs to be addressed first SO BE IT!! Let’s address it.

There is a reason why… Employers will often release an individual prior to their Official termination date, two week notice. Many are asked to leave to minimize harm.

Once it was decided that the SRC would disband, the POWER to SPEND Millions, to approve contracts, to further destroy Philadelphia’s Public Education, that Power should have been removed… then maybe I could discuss Curriculum instead of the fact that Power Corrupts and absolute power Corrupts absolutely!!!

ALL these EXPERIMENTS have bad endings!

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