Tanya Parker transcript of her testimony before the SRC on May 24, 2018

Tanya Parker SRC 5-24-18
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Who did it? You did it! On March 20, 2014 a testimony given by me, Tanya Parker. In it I stated “We do not want to be IGNORED.” Before the ink dries on any agreement, Respect us, bring us to the table to be partners in this crucial decisions which impacts our children and our community.

Who did it? You did it! We lost LP Hill School but kept Strawberry Mansion High. We lost our feeder schools . Who did it? You did it! Our children began to suffer as they had to travel to get to another school.

March 17th, Principal retires. April, new leadership starts. In April myself and the Principal’s leadership team interviewed Dr. Oyola. Dr. Becoats tried to give the leadership team questions to ask during the interview. We did not think he was qualified for the position but we were told by Dr. Becoats “He is what we get.”

Who did it? You did it! June, teachers wrote an open letter for support to the PFT and the Superintendent. No support given to the new principal. Who did it? You did it!

July and August was school opening, checklist submitted: Roster schedules for upcoming year. All programming was removed from the schedule. The Assistant Superintendent over sees this process.

Who did it? You did it! September, no response from district regarding letter from staff at Mansion regarding Dr. Oyola, the principal. No support given to staff. Great teachers left, replaced with PAR teachers=Unsatisfactory ratings.

October through January students had no offsite experiences, no college trips, no student assemblies. Some students transferred for lack of programs at Mansion.

On January 23, 2018 the SRC came to visit Strawberry Mansion to see the destruction of their plans. Also, on that day the principal was absent.

March 2018 I heard phasing out and repurposing was mentioned to me and some others at the community stakeholders meeting. The next community meeting on the 28ththe question was asked “What happened to all the programs that were in the school? Who removed them?”

We were told by Dr. Becoats that the removal of programs at Mansion was a School Board decision that was determined by the district. Who did it? You did it!

In the month of May we have no principal now. Why have you not assigned a Sub Principal or named someone acting Principal? Is the school on Auto-Pilot? Those students have suffered through it all. To pour salt in a wound, the building is now being used as the District’s Professional Development Site for Principals.

The Superintendent keeps coming at us about enrollment numbers at Mansion. Enrollment numbers are low in all district high school. While we are talking about numbers, do we have numbers on Dr. Hite? Can you tell me how far you have moved the district in the years you have been the Superintendent? Because I saw data saying the Philadelphia School District has improved 1%. Is this correct?

SDP Data – Selected Schools
This is the spreadsheet the Strawberry Mansion community shared with the SRC to show Strawberry Mansion is not alone in the consequences in the underfunding of their school. Compiled by Catherine Blunt, a supporter of the Strawberry Mansion School-Community. The information was compiled from the SDP website: demographic and climate data is from 2017-2018, and Keystone scores, grad, and 1st year college data is from 2016-2017. 

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