Transcript of the testimony of Jackie Nelson before the SRC June 21, 2018

Jackie Nelson pic

Click Jackie Nelson’s picture to view Jackie Nelson’ testimony at 9:22.

We’re  here representing the voices of our children who cannot defend themselves.

I’m speaking in reference to our Kindergarten through 1st grade children’s relocation from Mayfair to Austin Meehan elementary, and for every other school with uninhabitable conditions.

I ask, why?

Why allow any child or staff member into a school filled with lead, asbestos, rodents and mold?

Why were we told of this transfer in the last 4 weeks of school without any parent input?

Why has Mayfair elementary been overpopulated for 5+ years with no plan until now?

What happens in the next 6 weeks when problems arise in Meehan’s construction and our children cannot start school on time?

In the last 3 years $260 thousand dollars has been spent on repairs at Meehan. Thats 5% of the $22 million needed including 2,800 man hours of work in total since 2015. (Source – FCA Report issued 2015) 

With being told now that 2,000 hours of work will be completed in 6 weeks I ask how is that safe and possible? 

We asked and were never told of the work plan or the amount of money to be used on these renovations. When will we have answers?

Why allow this when Austin Meehan is scheduled to be demolished in 2 years?

How is wasting money patching up the school more effective than renting Modular classrooms?

Resolution A-48 resolves Solis Cohen elementary’s issue on space with a $1.3 million dollar budget for Modular classrooms while they make renovations to their school.

Why is this not an option for Mayfair School?

These are our children. As parents we love, guide and protect them. YOUR responsibilty is to keep them safe.

– Jackie Nelson