The transcript of Tanya Parker’s testimony before the SRC June 21, 2018

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Tanya Parker Testimony June 21, 2018

As I looked over resolution A-19 I saw some very interesting things with 440 Broad Street and the SRC never stop amazing me with. Let’s start with the resolution: the SRC hereby approves the School District grade changes.

We want full transparency.

Let’s look at the further resolved: the SRC authorizes the School District of Philadelphia through the Superintendent or designees to make changes to the School District list no later than 8/15/18.
We want our 9th grade enrollment returned by September and all programs restored as well.

We want the description to read:

This resolution with its accompanying exhibit will serve as the official record for the School District of Philadelphia with RESPECT to the community it affects.

To the Superintendent: WE the parents, the students, the community ask you to restore all programs to Strawberry Mansion. Enrolling the children in 7th to 12th grade. Alleviating the strain on enrollment process.

Science Leadership Academy at Beeber is expanding from grades 9 to 12 to 5th, 9th to 12th?

Samuel Pennypacker is expanding K to 8th grade?

Franklin S. Edmonds is expanding to K to 8th grade?

Strawberry Mansion is TRUNCATED 9th grade?

Vaux is expanded to now include 10th grade?

Why would Strawberry Mansion be included if it was being truncated?


Each year the District submits to the state a list of significant changes to the organization of its schools including new school openings, closings, school name changes, school relocations, and school grade reconfigurations. This resolution officially authorizes the submissions of these changes.

School name changes to Dr. Ruth Wright Educational Complex.