Testimony of Ilene Poses to the BOE, August 20, 2020

Have you looked at KJR’s website? It’s slick! It’s cool! It has the ‘in’ buzz words. It shows they are ‘consulters” – name the topic and they can do it. Team building? Office support? Managerial style? Pandemic planning? They can do it all. But KJR should not be used to whitewash the dire findings of the IG report. Now anti- racism is in vogue so of course they wanted to do that too. Happily they won’t! Luckily we have an in house alternative. Racial Justice Organizing has worked on this issue for years & testified at board meetings for support in this – an issue that they deeply care about. These educators have refined their skills over the years and have provided professional development at West Chester U and in Baltimore. Pay them! They have the knowledge and expertise and trust of their peers. Or do you prefer to waste money on the slick consulters?

Many of the words in verse 2 of the following song are taken directly from KJR’s website.
(Sing to “Hey There” from “The Pajama Game” Adler/Ross)

Hey there, we’re living in difficult times.
We should not spend on novelties
KJR’s contract’s a crime.

Hey there, they’ve a “Chief in Enthusiasm”
His strengths are “activator”and “woo”
He says he’s just a “relator”, too.

Better forget it
This waste – is now laid bare
Spending on this, a travesty
Community will certainly care.

Won’t you take this advice
I hand you with sanitizer
Or are you not seeing things too clear
Too much in Hite’s pocket to hear
KJR’s just a waste, I fear
Vote no; be an analyzer .