Testimony of Shakeda Gaines to the BOE, March 26, 2020

Good Afternoon All,

My name is Shakeda Gaines. I am the Philadelphia Home and School Council President. I wanted to speak on the topic of Communication to the Public particularly QUESTIONS IN RESPONSE TO HITE’s LIVESTREAM:

We appreciate your commitment to engage with school families weekly on facebook livestream. Seeing young people, parents, families, school staff, and community members share their concerns and questions publicly and without backlash is what we’ve been fighting for.

In this time of community; seeing our love for each other, the power to strengthen the meek, voice concerns, and create change is wonderful to see.

HOWEVER! We ask that if Dr. Hite is going live we demand that a portion of that Live broadcast be dedicated toreading and answering questions.

We understand that some questions are redundant, require planning, and/or require lawyers input. Those questions are up in the air, but for those stakeholders who want to know about job safety, qualifications for supportive services such as Chromebooks, where they can find support for ELL, ELA, IEP’s, 504s… Please Respond.

Also, If the board doesn’t have an answer yet, that is information that school families and stakeholders deserve to know as well.

In addition to your commitment to communicating with the public, please make available links to this weekly livestream on the SDP site banner and all livestreams thereafter.

We also understand that in these times of uncertainty the unexpected is to be expected but we expect our Leaders to open, honest, and engaging.

Thank you for trying, now go up 4 notches ūüėä