Testimony of Lisa Haver to the BOE, April 30, 2020

The charter schools office has recommended 5-year renewals for 4 charter schools, even though 3 of the 4 failed to meet standards in most categories. APPS members have asked many times why charter Items are the only ones with no cost posted. Dr. McGinley asked Mr. Monson that question at a Committee meeting months ago, and received a non-committal response, but the Board still does not inform the public of the cost. APPS has calculated, based on District budget information, that renewing these four charters will cost the District and taxpayers a minimum of $212 million over 5 years. The Board is taking the right step in calling for reform at the state level, but calls for the Board to take responsibility for renewing substandard charters month after month go unanswered. There are no hearings on charter renewals, so no Board member asks why charter CEOs are paid such astronomical salaries, such as Community Academy CEO who makes $220K for operating one school, in contrast to Dr. Hite, who makes $311K for operating 210 public schools.

The Board cannot continue to renew and fund and grant enrollment expansions to charters without even the most minimal public oversight while talking about making cuts to public schools. The community will not allow public schools to be starved once again while RE investors and administrators of privately-managed schools continue to feed at the public trough.