Testimony of Karel Kilimnik to the BOE, June 25, 2020

Suggestions for Genuine Community Engagement

Good evening. Here are suggestions for genuine community engagement since the Board has dismantled the District Partnerships and Community Engagement Committee claiming that now it is the responsibility of the full Board. I have emailed this list to each one of  you for consideration.

  1. Hold public hearings on charter school renewals

2. Listen to stakeholders–hold meetings that allow time for dialogue (as happened during the 2018/19 SY community meetings held by the now-defunct District Partnerships and Community Engagement Committee) 

3. Provide  adequate written materials once we return to on-site Action and Committee meetings (not everyone can bring an electronic device to public meetings)

4. Answer questions asked at Action meetings

5. Provide full descriptions for each Agenda Item

6. Provide links to contracts listed in the Agenda

7. Coordinate District and Board calendars so as to minimize scheduling conflicts

8. Post Parent & Community Advisory Council members’ reports as well as listing them on the Agenda

 We will be watching to see what community engagement looks like when this committee disappears and the full Board takes up the responsibility to engage with District stakeholders and community members. 

My question tonight is when will the District post an update of the Comprehensive School Planning Review on the website so that the community is aware of what is going with this effort to right size the District?