Testimony of Janet McHale to the BOE, January 30, 2020


Good evening Board Members, Dr. Hite and members of our school community:

My name is Janet McHale and I am the parent of a Junior at The Academies @ Roxborough High School.  I am also the Home & School President and a member of the SAC.

I am here to speak in opposition of The High School of Health Sciences Leadership Charter School.

The original point of charter schools was to offer something new and innovating for students who may not do as well in a traditional school setting.  This proposed charter school is not offering either of those things.

There are already programs for the Health Sciences at 12 schools in the district. Schools that include Roxborough, Randolph, Kensington Health Science, Sayre, Mastbaum, Edison, Martin Luther King, Lincoln, Overbrook, Robeson, Sayre, Southern and Swenson Arts & Technology. They offer programs that include:

  • Biotechnology
  • Kinesiology
  • Dental Assisting
  • EMT
  • Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Aide
  • Health Information Records Technology
  • Health Related Technology

The Academies @ Roxborough High School Health Science Academy received national recognition on November 11th by becoming the 1st school in the Northeastern United States to earn Career Academy Status from the National Career Academy Coalition.  An honor that the School District did not acknowledge at all. In addition to being an Academy High School Roxborough is also a comprehensive high school whose students come from all over the city to attend.

Do the right thing and vote NO on The High School of Health Sciences Leadership Charter School and put the resources in the programs that are already in existence.