Testimony of Ilene Poses to the BOE, June 25, 2020

I continue to be disturbed that Philadelphia School Partnership gets to dictate how their close to half million dollar “gift” is spent at my alma mater Girls’ High. They want the incoming students to develop better/higher test scores including the SATs. More and more colleges (even UPenn) are discontinuing the use of test scores since they are not good predictors of success in college. Any educator would be against more test taking skills. Students have been practicing test taking skills over and over since No Child Let Behind became a law. An educator knows students do not learn from more test taking. The money from PSP would be better spent on a library with a certified librarian where students would learn to research and write papers in preparation for going to college.

Sing to “Tradition, Tradition”

Outsourcing, outsourcing
A solution to the Board.
Outsourcing, outsourcing
The District can’t afford.

Why should we spend for
coaching and consulting
listening, researching
Monitors indeed?
Philly has the staff to lead any PD
a new 12 Plus we do not need.

Outsourcing, outsourcing,
A solution to the board.
Outsourcing, outsourcing
The District can’t afford.