Testimony from the Racial Justice Organizing Committee to The Philadelphia Board of Education 4/24/22 

by Kristin Luebbert

The Racial Justice Organizing Committee stands in strong support of The Student Voter Education & Registration Resolution. We know that our young people are ready to change the future and firmly believe they must have the knowledge and resources at their disposal to help make the world they deserve. 

We hope the Board is serious when it states that they want our students to experience civic engagement. It would be a mark of this belief if the Board would cease its draconian public speaker limits and truly embrace hearing from the public they serve. A body that limits the number and frequency of speakers is hardly encouraging “students to pursue and maintain civic engagement”. 

In addition, we hope that the Board means it when they say they will uphold the “District’s expressed commitment to ensuring that every school has the resources to provide sustainable year-round opportunities for eligible students to be registered to vote before they graduate.” We have seen too many good initiatives fall victim to poor funding, administrative pettiness, and lack of supervision around training and implementation. 

We support passing this resolution, and we need you to promise that tonight will not be the last time it enters your minds. Pass and SUPPORT the student voter education and registration resolution: Educate and supervise those administrators who are responsible to make sure it is enacted in their schools.