TECH Freire Charter School

  • 2221 N. Broad Street
  • North Philadelphia
  • Charter granted in 2016
  • Enrollment: 525 (authorized enrollment 580)  
  • Grades 9-12 
  • Projected cost to District over 5 years: $37, 952, 659

CSO  recommends a 5-year renewal despite the fact that TECH Freire did not meet academic or organizational standards.  TECH Friere was evaluated in 2019, three years after its opening. Although the school rated “Does Not Meet” in Academics, the CSO recommended a 1-year renewal. 

TECH Freire began in 2016 with a stated mission to become a college prep school with emphasis in computer science.   The percentage of students attending 95% of days or more was below district school Attendance in every year of the term.  Chronic absenteeism was 41%. 

The school did not show evidence of strategic groupings, teacher schedules highlighting supports or tiered options for students who are struggling academically or behaviorally.  The school has a low ESL population (2.14%students) with few supports for ESL students and their parents.  

As a college prep school 0% of the students were enrolled in IB courses or AP courses.  Only 1% of the students registered to take SATs or ACTs.  

The average teacher tenure in this school is 1.3 years while the average teacher tenure in district schools is 13.2  years.   Suspension rates were 28%, far above District averages