Tanya Bah transcript of her testimony before the SRC on May 24, 2018

Tany Bah
Click on the picture and go to timestamp 20:01 to view Tanya’s testimony.

In Philadelphia a date many of us will be working to impact is Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

See on November 5th the person that is elected will hold executive and administrative powers of the city and has the power to appoint many officers. This person also proposes a budget each year, a budget that City Council must vote on.

Of course this position belongs to the Mayor and that person is responsible for ensuring the elimination of politics from the management of schools. The buck stops here, at least it should, but does it?

Students, Parents and Community have our most vulnerable family members enrolled a Ferguson,

Frankford and Lamberton. How has the district created safety, accountability and Fidelity for students since awarding the contract to Catapult?

Are all School locations being funded?

What is the protocol parents can rely upon to ensure fidelity, integrity and safety for our vulnerable population?

What alternatives have been provided for students

and finally, how often are sites monitored?

When the future of about 280,000 Students in District and Charter schools are “Phased out and challenged” by appointed, elected or hired bodies that ignore, disregard and dismiss data, stories & demands of the taxpayers that voted them into office it’s time to build, build a larger, more pronounced movement for Education justice.

Let’s start with the demands of Strawberry Mansion:

Respect and Transparency

Communities do not survive the reconstituting of a major school and changing a dis-invested building into a complex is not what voters expect in their Councilmanic districts. Taxpayers across Philadelphia are watching the Council President, Darryl Clarke and all others voted into office to see who will represent the wants, needs and demands of Philadelphia residents. Demands such as:

• Restoration of Programs

• 9th Graders admitted into the 2018 school year

• and finally a seat at the table with those interested in remaining in office to discuss changing the make up of Strawberry Mansion, to allow 7th & 8th graders to grow their own student population.

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