Student Voter Registration Policy

By Ilene Poses

My parents voted in every election, my husband and I voted in every election and my
daughters voted in every election. Our family, unfortunately, is not typical of most American
families. Many of our students do not come from families that have this voting record and
to renew faith in our democracy we need civics education and a voting policy on student
registration to protect the interests and voice of all our citizens.

Such a policy should assure that civics is a dynamic subject where students can learn in a meaningful fashion by discussing issues, interviewing candidates, learning the history of voting in America, perhaps visiting the Constitution Center. This could be a vibrant way to learn, read and write
about civics. The following year students could become poll workers and then pass this job on to
new students. In this way a tradition of voting and working at the polls could evolve.

Having students register each other could continue this tradition of initiation of new voters. When every voice is heard real changes can occur in every city across the country. Expediting the passage of this policy is vital to ensure our students can participate in choosing the next governor and senator of this state. Their participation can influence support on such issues as: gun violence, climate change and education funding.

Sung to the tune of Inky Dinky Spider
The time has come for seniors to register to vote.
We need a new board policy for voting to promote.

Civics education must be taught in schools.
For democracy to flourish, these are the needed tools.

I have attended board meetings for the past ten years and there was never a time when the public did not weigh in on issues. Please look at the new speaker policy again, because at this time in history we do not want to be silencing and discouraging the community from participating in public forum.

Also it is difficult to comment on Action Items, like charter renewals, when items pop up the day before or the day of an Action Meeting and that is a shame.