Stop Funding Vendors

Board of Education testimony May 27, 2021

by Karel Kilimnik

It’s time to stop KJR Consultants from reaping District contracts. Use these funds to ensure that every school has a playground. The purpose of this action item is to provide central office staff continued p.d.  to improve management and organizational skills.  Scroll down the list of staff in leadership positions and ask: Why would pd need to be outsourced? Is it because of the high turnover of central office staff? Dr Hite has been superintendent for almost ten years. Has he failed to bring in senior staff  with good management and organizational skills? KJR has held contracts for  three years–where is the data to show their success? This description states that  their workshops “have been well-attended and received high marks from attendees.” This kind of unsubstantiated testimonial is insufficient for awarding KJR another contract. 

Posting Board Responses to Board Questions on Action Items does not replace hearing from public speakers. Eliminate the cap on speakers.

The fact that the Administration needs another expensive contract with a “communications consultant” to “navigate” its response to recent crises represents an additional failure of the Hite administration. Shouldn’t the Board be spending $100,000 to actually get rid of toxins in schools instead of a PR campaign to rationalize their failure to do so?  

Deny Pride Academy’s revised application. Until every District School is fully funded the Board must continue denying any new charter schools…we cannot afford them. Estimated Cost to District for first 5 year term over 23 mil. Think of all the counselors, School Librarians, teachers,NTAs this money could purchase district wide instead of serving 360 students. Add another $ 7  million for stranded costs if this revised application is approved. 

As CFO Monson continually says the largest growing budget item is charter schools. Those costs grow over the length of the charter’s existence. We have seen how management companies fight tooth and nail to prevent any closures, an option never available for district schools faced with being shuttered.