SRC: Envisioning the Future of Strawberry Mansion High School

SM Knights

Strawberry Mansion is NOT closing
● We are NOT selling the building.
● Current students can continue and graduate from Strawberry Mansion High School
● Building upgrades to improve energy efficiency and attractiveness are coming this summer

Few students are choosing Strawberry Mansion now
● Only 294 students are going to Strawberry Mansion this year
● The building has room for 1,762 students — there are 1,468 empty seats
● Less than 50 current 8th graders in the neighborhood will attend Strawberry Mansion in August 2018
● 2,112 students in the neighborhood are going to high schools other than Strawberry Mansion

Hundreds of neighborhood children are going to alternative education programs in other parts of the city
● 250 students in the neighborhood go to accelerated schools outside the neighborhood
● Over 1,000 students in the neighborhood go to a night school program (Educational Options Program) outside the neighborhood

We are adding academic options that neighborhood students want
● Accelerated school at Strawberry Mansion — Fall 2018
● Educational Options Program (EOP) at Strawberry Mansion — Fall 2018
● Project-based learning high school serving grades 9-12 at Strawberry Mansion — Fall 2019
● Workforce development program at Strawberry Mansion — Fall 2019
● Expanded recreational opportunities for the neighborhood developed in conjunction with the community

More students will, once again, choose Strawberry Mansion
● With your support, Strawberry Mansion will become a high school offering arts, workforce development, and accelerated programs that students can attend in their neighborhood

Stawberry Mansion flyer.jpeg