Requiem tips June 2017

On June 15, APPS held a Requiem for the 29 neighborhood schools which have been closed in the past four years. These closings have traumatized students and devastated communities.

Dr. Hite has told the SRC and City Council that he intends to target three schools each year, for the next five years, to be closed. The message of our Requiem was: NO MORE SCHOOL CLOSINGS!

We don’t know yet which schools are in the district’s sights.  Here is what you can do to help keep your school safe and open.

 What You Can Do

Talk to parents, neighbors, teachers and principal at your school.

Get and share information. Start to build a community that will be ready to fight against closing. Talk about what your school needs now.

Join your school’s School Advisory Council, Home and School and/or PTA.

Every school is required to have a SAC. If there is not one, tell the principal you want to start one.

 Visit your City Council member, State Representative, State Senator, Congressperson.

Let them know you value your schools and that the district needs to make more investments in them.

Contact City Council.

Find your PA senator and representative 

Ask your principal who the school’s community partners are.

Home Depot, as a community partner for Sheppard, went to bat for them when they district tried to close them. Sheppard was saved because of strong organization of parents and teachers—and because community partners defended them.

Submit letters and commentaries to your local newspaper.

Your neighbors need to know what might happen to their school.

Call into radio shows on WURD and other stations.

Become a presence at SRC meetings.

E M Stanton and Sheppard schools came to every meeting after they were targeted for closure. They came in busses from school, wearing their T-shorts. Students, teachers and parents testified. Stanton students even played their instruments. Those schools were taken off the list and are thriving today.

We are stronger together. We must support each other to stop the closing of more neighborhood schools!