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Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools

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The school district has closed almost 25 neighborhood schools in the past five years.  Dr. Hite has stated, on numerous occasions, his plan to close three schools a year for the next five years.

That’s fifteen schools removed from neighborhoods.

Fifteen schools gone forever.

Some closed schools have been demolished, some still sit empty as eyesores.  Others are in the process of being sold to out-of-state developers who want to build market-value housing in areas which lack affordable housing, areas desperate for a public school within walking distance.   Closing a school tears the heart out of any neighborhood.  It traumatizes the children who call it home.

We must stop the closing of more neighborhood schools!

Join us to remember and honor the 29 school communities shuttered. We will create a tombstone for each school and display them in front of 440 before the SRC meeting. We encourage anyone from these schools to sign up to speak at the SRC meeting about the impact of their school closing (call 215-400-4180 by 3 PM Wednesday June 14 to sign up to speak.) We are available for help with testimony. Black attire requested.


Join our remembrance of shuttered schools:

Thursday June 15   3:30 PM

School District HQ at 440 N. Broad Street

Your school could be next!


For more information, Contact Karel Kilimnik – 215-301-3569 labor donated