Out Sourcing and Charity

by Diane Payne
Action Item 1 is another example of the Hite administration’s disregard of the expertise in the District coupled with the reliance on outsourced services provided by corporate entities that have no connection to the district nor knowledge of the District. The Racial Justice Organizing Committee and the Melanated Educators Collective have been testifying before you and doing the hard work around equity. Rather than working with them, the Hite administration chooses the handout of corporate donors. It is not hard to imagine that this will fail to provide the outcomes needed in the District.
Action Item 2 is a donation from the Fund for the School District of Philadelphia to help Mifflin School build a playground. Although in no way should Mifflin School not have a playground developed, the question remains how is equity figured into this donation? Sheridan was here last month indicating they have been asking for a decade for a playground. What Sheridan does not have is a Friends of Sheridan, nor a neighborhood group such as East Falls Community Council advocating on their behalf. Each month questions of equity surface at these meetings and nothing seems to change.
Action Item 14 is an Amended Contracts for $1,500,000. I am asking the Board to clarify how amended contracts are different from change orders?