Nuanced Compassion of Caring Adults

by Ilene Poses 4.22.2021

There is a difference between collecting data for social and emotional learning and

providing resources to deal with social and emotional difficulties.  Why waste the

money on the data collection and note use that saved money to make sure that

our students have the counselors, social workers and psychologists that will support

our students through their difficulties?

Students are not machines to be put through a computer to be fixed like the new cars.

They need the nuanced compassion of caring adults.  As a long time special education

teacher I did not need data collection to let me know when a student was hurting.  I listened

and observed.  Ask any working educator and not one would want $6,500,000 spent on more

data collection.  Teachers will always choose more humans working directly with students

and not more data collection.  

Renaissance and Illuminate staff do not have experience teaching nor have they leadership working within a school or school district.  They specialize in collecting data which is NOT the same as providing any details about the actual supports. Corrective Reading and Corrective Math excelled at

data collection.   My special education students were tested and tested but their skills in reading or math didn’t improve with this system foisted on the teachers. These programs don’t look at individual’s  interests, learning styles and never create excitement in learning about the individual’s world.

After attending numerous meetings where parents were asked what they wanted for their children, the answers were always environmentally safe schools and more adults to ensure their child’s well being, safety and that their child’s educational needs were met  Private schools and high achieving public schools do not waste money on these data programs.  They give their students more human supports, libraries  and arts related supports to help their students achieve.  Our students deserve the same things not more ‘counting of the same spots.” Use your common sense and  you’ll know this to be true too.