No Revisions to Policy 911

By Dana Carter
Hello my name is Dana Carter and I’m a core member of the Racial Justice Organizing Committee. As a group we support the Philadelphia community as much as possible with eliminating racial and social justice obstacles in education. We give away groceries at or near School District of Philadelphia schools, we support teachers, and pararprofessionals. Core members of the Racial Justice Organizing Committee are often quoted in articles. We organized two marches right outside of these doors. My shirt that I’m wearing today is from our Educators and Students March for Black Lives. There is only one core member of the Racial Justice Organizing Committee who is not a School District of Philadelphia staff member. Banning these individuals from the press is banning them from doing their jobs. Advocacy is apart of every teacher I associate with and getting the truth out to school community via the news media, is apart of advocacy. 
The revised Policy 911 prevents staff advocacy and the proposed changes are intimidating. You should trust that the staff that you all recruited, hired and onboarded , the staff you say is capable of caring for children is able to have a professional conversation with the media. You also have the trust that the press will do their due diligence and report honestly. This policy revision gives the image that the School District of Philadelphia wants to hide something (SPEAKER’S MICROPHONE WAS CUT OFF HERE) and unlike any other organization, organizations that service children shouldn’t propose policies that make them appear suspicious. Please discontinue any conversation concerning the revisions to this policy. Please also end the current speaker suppression policy that prevents the public from speaking on action items.