Mastery Shoemaker

  • 5301 Media Avenue
  • Wynnefield
  • Opened as charter: 2006
  • Enrollment:  760 (authorized 769)
  • Grades: 7 to12
  • CEO Salary/compensation: $261, 154.
  • Projected cost to District over next 5 years:  $60,503,090.

Mastery Shoemaker had been a neighborhood middle school for generations until District CEO Paul Vallas granted Mastery a charter to operate the school as a city-wide admit school in 2006. The SRC renewed Shoemaker’s charter in 2011, also allowing Mastery to expand from middle to middle/high school. No public hearing was held toweigh community impact. Mastery Shoemaker met all standards in 2016; the CSO recommended a 5-year renewal. However, the SRC tabled the resolution as it did with all of th Mastery renewals that year. Shoemaker was renewed by the Board in September 2019.

The 2021 CSO evaluation shows Shoemaker MS trailing District schools in Math and Science PSSA PRoficiency rates in all years. Mastery HS failed to meet or exceed District Proficiency rates in Keystone Algebra and Keystone Science. The most recent SPR Achievement score of 12% puts Shoemaker in Intervene.

Shoemaker lags far behind District schools in ACT/SAT College Ready Rates with scores of 8%–3%–4%–3% compared to the District average of 20%.

Most Organizational areas met standards, but like other Mastery schools there is no indication that Shoemaker has a full-time school nurse.

Shoemaker’s 29% Suspension rate in 2018-19 far exceeds the District rate of 4% and similar school schools at 12%. Teacher retention is and average of 5.3 years compared to the District’s 13.2 years. The suspension rate for students with disabilities at Shoemaker was 29% compared to the District’s 11%. Suspensions reached 35%.