Mastery Gratz

  • 1798 W. Hunting Park Avenue
  • Hunting Park
  • Grades  7-12  
  • Opened as charter:   2011
  • Enrollment:  1318   (authorized 1776)
  • Projected cost to District for 5-year renewal: $112, 874, 55.
  • CEO Salary/Compensation: $261,154

Four years after becoming a Renaissance charter, Mastery Gratz was placed in the 2015-16 renewal cohort. The school failed to meet both academic and organizational standards, but the CSO recommended renewal with conditions. Mastery refused to agree to the conditions, which were not publicly posted, and the SRC postponed the resolution indefinitely.  Mastery Gratz’s renewal appeared three years later on the September 2019 Board of Education Action Meeting Agenda. Apparently, the CSO had negotiated conditions more agreeable to Mastery. No hearings were held and no explanation given by the Board, and the Board did not disclose the conditions to the public until after the vote.  Gratz had been a public high school, but just four years after Mastery took over,  the SRC quietly granted their amendment request to add a middle school. No community impact hearings were held.  

Mastery Gratz again fails to meet academic standards in the 2021 CSO evaluation. The ELA Middle School (MS) scores are  lower (34%) than District Schools (39%); MS  Math scores (13%) are lower than District Schools (22%). High School Keystone Literature scores at 34% fall below District schools at 51%, as do their  Biology scores  at 14%, far below the District’s  38%. Mastery Gratz Middle School SPR Achievement places it in the Invervene category; Gratz HS SPR Achievement is in Watch.

Renaissance Charter Schools were created to improve “underperforming neighborhood schools” for the students in  that specific neighborhood.  However, the most recent data shows that only 25% of Gratz students live within the neighborhood boundaries; only 326 students of the total 1324 enrollment live within the catchment area. Only 38% of the middle school students and 37% of the high school students are in Attendance 95% of the time. Mastery Gratz has a suspension rate of  21% compared to the District rate of 9%. 

No evidence of a Certified School Nurse is a red flag as in all three Mastery schools in this cohort. Of the 20 documents reviewed at Mastery Gratz  there “was no evidence of physical examinations, vision or hearing screenings, height and weight measurements, or scoliosis screenings”. 
The average number of years for teacher tenure at this school is  4.9 years; the District rate is 13.2 years. Administrative School Leaders in both middle and high schools changed three times in this five-year term.