Mastery Clymer

  • 1201 W. Rush Street 
  • North Philadelphia
  • Grades  K-6       
  • Enrollment: 437 (authorized  609)
  • Opened as Renaissance charter : 2011
  • CEO Salary: $261,154
  • CMO Annual Fee: $633,113 to Mastery Charters
  • Projected cost to District to operate over next 5 years:  $38,910,945

Mastery Clymer was placed in the 2015-16 renewal cohort. Although the school failed to meet both academic and organizational standards, the CSO recommended renewal with conditions. Mastery refused to agree to conditions, and the SRC postponed the resolution indefinitely.  Mastery Clymer’s renewal appeared three years later on the September 2019 Board of Education Action Meeting Agenda. Apparently, the CSO had negotiated conditions more agreeable to Mastery. No hearings were held and no explanation given by the Board, and the Board did not disclose the conditions to the public until after the vote. 

The 2021 CSO Report recommends a 5-year renewal with conditions but does not say what those conditions are.  Mastery Clymer Does Not Meet the Academic Standard;  it does  meet the Organizational and Financial standards. The Academic ratings have been in steady decline since 2016.  ELA Proficiency ratings went from 32% in SY 2016/17 to 25% in SY 2018/19. In comparison, similar charters were at 38% and District schools at 36% in SY  2018/19. Clymer in its first Renewal in 2016 rated  Approaching Standard for Academic Success. Clymer’s 16% Achievement SPR scores place them in the Intervene Category. 

Suspension rates have shot up from 8%  to 23% during this term. 

Special Education student rate of suspension is a whopping 24%. In comparison,  similar charter schools are below 10% and District Schools at less than 5%. Prior to Mastery’s takeover in 2011, Clymer was a center for physically handicapped students. That is no longer the case.

Attendance rates at Clymer (50%) are lower than both similar charter schools and District Schools (51%). 

Although Clymer is supposed to operate as a neighborhood school, the most recent school profile data shows that only 50% of Clymer’s students live in the catchment area. 

Food, Health, Health & Safety rates Does Not Meet.  Like  Mastery Wister, there is no evidence that there is a Certified School Nurse at Clymer. Thus, 10 of 20 Student Health files reviewed did not contain vision screenings for 2018/18 SY; 9 of 20 student health files did not contain hearing screenings for the same year.  Teacher Retention rate has dropped from 72% in 2016/17 to 63% in 2018/19. Teacher retention average in District schools is 13.2 years;  Clymer’s is less than half at 5.5 years. The CSO eval The CSO’s evaluation of Mastery Clymer’s Financial information notes that “the internal control structure did not prevent the incomplete reporting of February 2019 PSERS covered payroll information and employee contributions by the required deadline.”    Mastery promised to improve Clymer when it took over its management from the District. With a “Does Not Meet” in academics, Mastery has clearly not done that.  The Board should vote not to renew and to restore Clymer to public control.