Maria Barowski transcript of testimony before School Board on July 9, 2018

Click on timestamp 20:30 to view Maria’s testimony.

Mayfair parents have been ignored through the entire process with the SRC.  Work is being done on Austin Meehan for the K-1 relocation.

You, the new Philadelphia.  School Board expressed and understood our concerns when we met some of you in May at the Lawncrest Library.

I personally do not want to believe that the school officials are so overwhelmed that it can’t take the time to become familiar with the negative aspects of carrying out this plan.  How can we     make you care about our children’s health and safety, we can’t!  We can only state our worries.

  1. Putting our babies in an unhealthy building that is scheduled for demolition “since 2010”.
  2. Sending them to and from school on busses.
  3. Mayfair and Meehan’s day starts and ends at the same time.  This worries parents who have children in both schools that need supervision.
  4. Sharing a school with 7th and 8th graders and being within the Lincoln High school campus.

Our issues and voices have never been heard or taken seriously.  It’s frustrating, overwhelming and caused many parents to give up.

I personally feel that it’s worth presenting our issues to you in the hopes that you will have empathy and compassion for the well being of our children.

We would be most thankful if we could get modulars for our 400 children put on Mayfair’s grounds.  Let them continue learning in a safe environment where parents who don’t drive or have     access to transportation can easily get to their children if the need arises.

Note:  this project is “in house”.  What does this mean?

Does a resolution have to be filed?  If so, how is this done?

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