Lisa Haver testimony transcript from the SRC meeting of April 27, 2017

Lisa Haver 4-27-17

This week, we have 2 resolutions, down from 3 as one was just withdrawn, on charter amendments. The resolutions don’t say what the amendments are. In fact, the resolutions don’t say anything. [Note: another resolution was withdrawn just before the meeting. The SRC never told the public, what was in the resolution, even after I told them, just before they voted, that they had to tell us exactly what they were voting on. Chair Wilkerson actually answered that they were voting on an issue presented by a staff member about 3 hours earlier.]

Just a few days ago, the SRC scheduled a meeting for Monday to take a vote on whether to renew 26 charter schools. No hearings on any of the schools, very little time for the public to review the data and anecdotal information in the 26 reports.

Mr. Monson has told the people in this room, at every budget hearing, how much these schools are costing us. That they are the biggest driver of increased budget spending. Why does the SRC act as if it’s no big deal? Not a big enough deal to tell the people what’s going on with the most expensive schools?

Take the Universal schools. A story in the Inquirer this week told of Universal’s serious financial problems. Who knew? You did. The SRC has known for over a year. Last April 2016, when the CSO recommended, giving over 25 reasons for each school, including financial reasons, why they should not be renewed. But the SRC did what the SRC does so often: postpone indefinitely and refuse to answer any questions about it. Not only that, but the SRC then actually deletes the information in the resolution. Thank god we know how to take screen shots.

The SRC should tell us, right now, what is going on with Universal Audenried, Universal Vare, Aspira Olney, Aspira Stetson, Mastery Gratz, Mastery Clymer and Mastery Shoemaker.