Karel Kilimnik’s testimony transcript from the SRC meeting of April 20, 2017

Karel Kilimnik SRC 4-20-17
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Even though I signed up to speak on the Budget I am starting with SRC Policy 006 since these past few days have brought nothing but confusion to the issue of speakers. If you keep saying you want transparency your actions this week belie that. The district has an entire staff dedicated to Family and Community Engagement and yet this week you have spent serious effort attempting to disengage families and the community.

Policy 6 clearly states that The SRC also reaffirms the right of the public to have a reasonable opportunity to comment on matters of concern, matters being considered for official action of the SRC, and matters that are or may come before the SRC.

This week people have been told they have to speak on the budget then that there was a limit of 6 speakers that had already been reached then they could speak on another topic. You are creating an adversarial atmosphere when you deny people their right to speak. These head spinning, knee jerk reactions all cry out for a democratically elected school board where board members are accountable to the people who elected them and where basic democratic rights are observed, not distorted and twisted to discourage public participation. You are not elected but you are government officials responsible for an almost $3 billion budget. It is way past time for this body to recognize and support public engagement not discourage it. The SRC has got to go and your actions this week to tamp down on public discourse are living proof of the need for a democratically elected school board.