Karel Kilimnik’s testimony transcript before the SRC on April 27, 2017

Karel Kilimnik SRC 4-27-17

In front of us sit the purveyors of privatization. Ever since the creation of the SRC in 2001 the goal has been to privatize the district-get rid of unionized workers, parcel out services to business interests or the booming non-profit industrial complex and nurture the growth of charter schools. Doesn’t matter who the commissioners are as it is the program that matters. As the rich grow their wealth on the back of workers there has been a rise in the non-profit industrial complex. Non-profits set up with the goal of taking over the work of district staff. A classic example is the elimination of school libraries staffed with certified school librarians. Gone. Supplanted with a corps of volunteers.

In 2001 the state attempted to turn the district over to Edison schools but was thwarted by a fierce coalition of opposition. Ever since then it’s been a roller coaster ride of free enterprise jumping with joy at the possibilities of milking the cash cow of public education. In 2011 the district signed on to the Gates Compact promising to turn district schools over to charter management companies and further erode the unionized workforce. In 2010 PSP rose to bankroll the privatization movement. 2012 saw the hiring of the Broad trained superintendent and the commissioning of the Boston Consulting Group to create out a blueprint for how this would work. Ever since 2012 Dr Hite has been transforming our schools turning out teachers and often principals to create more unstability in an already fragile district. How come teacher turnover is bad in charter schools but becoming a policy in district schools?

A budget is not simply income and expenses but how you choose to spend your income. Granted the state seriously underfunds its schools but let’s look at how the district spends its limited funds. Resolution A2 hands over another million to the New Teacher Project, a Michelle Rhee creation with no credibility in education; Carnegie Learning $8mil; CLI 15 million; and $22 million to outsource cleaning services

Achievement Net or ANET (resolution A31) follows the pattern of initially donating its services and then starting to get paid by the district. ANET is known for cobbling together portions of state tests and serving the result to whichever district has hired them.

My questions tonight are how much are you spending on the 11 Priority Schools? How much is being spent on the mandated professional development for the 16 schools and 7 early childhood programs in the Turnaround Network? Who is providing this professional development?