Karel Kilimnik testimony to the SRC – Janaury 21, 2016

Karel Kilimnic SRC 1-21-16

Karel Kilimnik

Retired teacher

Co-founder APPS

PFT member

Changing SRC rules is as popular as Jennifer Lopez changing her clothes. As a Wister parent said to Mr. Green how can we follow the rules when you keep changing them? Now it’s become a game – changing the rules affecting speakers who get a measly 3 minutes once a month to voice our concerns.

Instead of properly funding our schools and not lining the pockets of tech companies, consultants, and charter school operators how about addressing the real problems in the district. You authorize millions to be spent on outside legal fees (including fighting the APPS lawsuit charging you with violating the state Sunshine Act that we filed in Nov. 2014) and not fixing buildings or ensuring that every school has a full time school nurse, counselor, and heavens school library staffed with a certified school librarian. Stop playing games with our childrens’ education.

Last night there was a meeting at Wister to talk about what the school needs. Dr. Kolsky started the meeting by acknowledging that Wister is to remain a district school. Then things got out of hand. Mastery supporters derailed the meeting. They denigrated Wister students, teachers, parents, and principal. Their solution was to turn the school over to Mastery. Wister parents stood to invite them to attend their weekly meetings and ask why they haven’t gotten involved with Wister parents organizing a SAC. They were ignored and heckled. Why is this allowed to happen? Why are Mastery supporters allowed to take over the meeting?

Dr. Hite & SRC commissioners you need to put an end to this nonsense. It is time for the Wister School Community to come together to support continued school growth and progress. It is not a time for Mastery to sow division. They should not even have been at the meeting trying to market their product – Mastery Charter School District. When are you telling Mastery that your decision is final and they cannot change it?

It’s January. Source4Teachers is still here and failing abysmally. A teacher at a school told me that only 2 subs have been in their building since school started. Break that contract. How many times do we have to tell you this? Spending money on an incompetent company is a waste. The Phila. School District does not have money to waste. When are you breaking the contract with Source4Teachers?