Karel Kilimnik testimony transcript from the SRC meeting of March 23, 2017


Karel Kilimnik SRC 3-23-17

Click the picture to view the video of Karel’s testimony.

The four commissioners sitting in front of us were not elected but appointed to be in charge of almost a $3billion budget. Despite being appointed you are still government officials. Your actions need to reflect this in whatever you do.

Last week you announced the creation of a Policy Committee “to review and make recommendations to the SRC”. This committee is to meet quarterly with the first meeting scheduled for 9 am on April 6. Who can attend at this hour? Funders like the Philadelphia School Partnership and the William Penn Foundation. How on earth are working parents, students, and teachers going to attend this meeting? This means that you have effectively cut out the voice of stakeholders for policy advice and will be hearing the voice of funders.

Once upon a time there were evening Strategy, Policy & Priorities meetings designed for stakeholder participation. Initially they were structured with a Q&A session but as participants began questioning policies the format changed to eliminate audience participation until they stopped meeting altogether. Now there is no possibility for public dialogue or consistently having questions answered. This is a primary function of the government. The SRC has systematically eliminated this responsibility.

My question tonight is we now know that Dr. McGinley is chairing the new Policy Committee – what committees do the other commissioners chair? What committees exist and who sits on them?