Karel Kilimnik SRC testimony transcript July 1, 2016

Karel Kilimnik SRC testimony 7-1-16

Good morning to all who made it here this morning despite the change in day, time, and being the Friday before the July 4th holiday weekend. We attend every single SRC meeting as the public watchdog over this totally unaccountable governmental body that sees fit to introduce resolutions from the floor that dramatically change and disrupt educational opportunities for our students. We are the public watchdog seeking to ensure that every child has access to a fully-staffed school including counselors, nurses, and school librarians. Dr. Hite is presently touting his 99% fill rate for teacher vacancies next fall. Who helped create the teacher vacancies with their disrespect and contempt for teachers? The people sitting at the front table. They terminated the PFT contract at another morning SRC meeting and have yet to resume meaningful contract negotiations. They have turned schools over to charter operators and created “turnaround schools” that dump teachers and create instability. I remember Dr. Hite proudly saying he wanted to have the same teacher in front of students. How’s that been working?

Due to the devastating impact of the incompetent Source4teachers last year thousands of students did not have even a certified substitute in their classroom. Or as Dr. Hite just stated this disaster is “a vacancy challenge”. It was a challenge that was created by you, Dr. Hite.

According to an April 11, 2016 Notebook article by Dale Mezzacapa “The School District will offer more than 2,500 kindergarten through 7th grade students three weeks of reading and math enrichment in July because they did not have a highly qualified teacher for at least two-thirds of the year.” This situation arose because the Broad-trained Dr. Hite refused to end the totally inept Source4teachers contract despite having to give them only two weeks notification. By Spring Dr. Hite was bemoaning the “fill rate” and still did not terminate their contract. Here are my questions about this summer enrichment program

  1. Is it actually happening?
  2. How were the more than 2,500 students selected?
  3. Where are the actual sites?
  4. Is transportation provided?
  5. Is there a summer program for high school students who did not have a “highly qualified teacher for at least two-thirds of the year”?
  6. What is the cost?