Karel Kilimnik SRC testimony – December 15, 2016


Good evening everyone. I am Karel Kilimnik, a District graduate, retired teacher, and co-founder of APPS. We need a High Quality School District.

The reopening of Vaux High School is an example of educational apartheid, of creating a separate system of schools that are funded while others are starved of resources. Instead of renovating and modernizing Strawberry Mansion High School money is being handed to Big Picture to reopen Vaux, a school that was closed in 2013 due to under-enrollment. Where are those students coming from? Chris Lehman just said the Strawberry Mansion cachement area. Instead of supporting an already existing school, you are creating a new schools that will siphon students and put Strawberry Mansion High School at risk of being closed for under-enrollment.

Why aren’t these resources being used for already existing schools? Why is there a need for an Innovation Network. Shouldn’t every school be an Innovative school responding to its’ students needs? We need a high quality school district where every single school has the necessary resources for all of its students. Just like Finland. You are the deciders. Make the right decision for all of us. Ensure that every one of our schools has what it needs to educate every student. Do not continue down this path of competition and starvation. Every student deserves a well rounded education in a high quality school district.

As to resolution B13 originally the district was going to “leverage a $2.5 million building reimbursement.” Why has the Vaux price now shrunk to $2 million? You are already in court trying to defend your underselling of a package of 5 schools including Smith and Germantown High. Why are you consistently underselling vacant school buildings?