Ilene Poses testimony transcript from the SRC meeting of May 18, 2017,

Ilene Poses SRC testimony 5-18-19
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It is springtime in Philadelphia – baseball begins and so do charter renewals. In baseball the team up gets three outs per inning before the next team is up. In charter renewals numerous outs are allowed and even when the old team should be out – as in Aspira or Universal Schools – the same team continues to play and play and play.

Let’s look at Belmont Charter up for renewal again

Academic:  DOES NOT  meet standard.

Organization:  DOES NOT meet standard

Board governance:  DOES NOT meet standard

Food, health, safety:  DOES NOT meet standard

Financial:  APPROACHES standard

ELL: DOES NOT meet standard

At the last SRC meeting Commissioner McGinley asked Dawn Lynn Kacer, “We are only asking charters to follow the state laws that all schools have to follow, right?” She answered, “Correct.” I am amazed that people object to accountability when tax payers’ money is being spent.

Why do we continue to give these schools chance after chance when their academic results are not better than the public school? When it also means that to renew takes money away from traditional schools that teach more special ed. students and more ELL students from the same area?

How do parents have choice when PSD does not permit public school parents the choice to keep their neighborhood schools public by taking a vote? Since parents at Steel and Marin voted to reject charter schools that choice has been taken from public school parents. At 10 pm in January 2016, Sylvia Sims, without posting a resolution, pushed to give Wister to Mastery Charter despite Wister’s having improving academic achievement. Were those parents given a choice?

When does the public school team have a fair chance at bat with the return of libraries, nurses, music and art in all schools? Hasn’t the inning for charters been over for some time already?