Diane Payne’s testimony before the SRC on March 16, 2017

Diane Payne
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This SRC is accountable to no one for its actions. Since you are not an elected body but one imposed on our city by our Harrisburg overlords, we the people of Philadelphia have no voice or control in how our district is operated. However, the environment is ripe for corporate raiders in the guise of non-profits to have a voice and influence policy in our district operations.

Today, I wish to highlight the resolutions that you will no doubt pass in lock step that support the corporate raid of our public school district.

Resolution A-2 A $150,000 contract with the Relay Fake Graduate School of Education. I am including links that expose Relay for the fake organization it is. Our own State Department of Education denied their application to operate in PA but this SRC spends our scare dollars on an organization with ties to privatization.

An interview with Kenneth Zeichner: Relay Graduate School of Education | Seattle Education – March 12, 2017

Relay Grad School of Ed Operation Rejected in Pennsylvania | deutsch29 – October 3, 2016

Relay Graduate School of Education: A Policy Brief | Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools – January 4, 2016

Resolution B-6 is a $3,140,674.03 contract amendment with Carnegie Learning, Inc. to provide professional development for a Summer Math Institute and to provide additional math institute specialists. The School District used to use the expertise of highly qualified district staff to do professional development. I remember going to a summer, teacher lead professional development that transformed my teaching. And… this is a $3 million increase to the $3 million already paid to Carnegie for a total of over $6 million.

Resolution B-7 is a $15,305,269.68 contract with Children’s Literacy Initiative. Although CLI does great work, it shouldn’t be in lieu of core priorities like a certified school librarian and library in every school, reading coaches in elementary buildings or use of proven interventions like Reading Recovery.

Every month, 100’s of thousands and even millions of dollars are spent on priorities that do not support core investments in each of our school buildings but rather support the escalation of a corporate agenda.

Investing in core resources that each school deserves should be the priority in how this SRC spends money.

How have you come to the conclusion that Relay is a worthwhile investment of money? Can you please make public your resources for making this decision?